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Bruce Weiner

Experienced Testifying/Consulting Expert Witness
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Area of Expertise

Travel Industry Technology

As a former technology leader for American Express Travel and Chief Technology Officer of, Bruce has been a technology expert on complex commercial cases in the travel industry.


Loyalty Industry Technology

Bruce has 30 years of experience in the technology that powers loyalty programs working on Membership Miles, Thank You Rewards, Mileage Plus, #1 Gold, eRewards, MyPoints, Blockbuster Rewards, and AAdvantage.


Financial Services Technology

Bruce has worked on and for Financial Services Companies on Credit Cards and Banking since 1988; American Express, Citibank, and Chase

Software Development / Complex Commercial Cases

Bruce has experience as a testifying expert in software development disputes and software implementation disputes both in court and before the American Arbitration Association.  Bruce provided over 2000 hours of support for a complex commercial litigation (anti-trust) as a software development expert. He reviewed and evaluated evidence from discovery, helped shape and supported fact witness depositions, and engaged in expert trial testimony preparation.

Patent Cases

 As a patent holder himself, Bruce has worked as a testifying expert in district court on infringement cases and in PTAB proceedings (IPR/CBM).  A CBM he was a testifying expert on succeeded at trial over 101 objections based on amended claims recently.

“While I was working at a large international law firm we hired Bruce as a consulting expert in an antitrust litigation in the travel industry. I worked with him very closely for an extended period. He is tirelessly dedicated and extremely competent. We had a favorable outcome in that case and I do not think it would have been as favorable without Bruce’s insight and expertise!”

Jennifer Oliver on LinkedIn

Bruce was extremely helpful and knowledgeable on all aspects of legacy and nextgen technology on a multi-year case I worked on. Bruce helped us immensely in putting our case together to great results..”

Nadya Salcedo on LinkedIn

Bruce is without a doubt one of the smartest people I have negotiated against. It was a real pleasure.

Sandra Kilbourne on LinkedIn